Monday, June 21, 2010

Winnie has the blues - part 2

6/17/2010 - Winnie arrived at Debbey’s house on the night of June 16th and the following day she had a little play time with Rhythm. She’s being a hussy as usual and doing all her flirting tricks, but he’s a bit confused by it all. They are getting along great and he’ll catch on soon enough. Winnie has always been breedable early and stayed breedable for quite some time. She was introduced to her new ‘digs’ - she got her own bedroom and is being treated like a princess. I’m afraid she’ll return a total diva and demand her own bedroom instead of sharing the bed with me and several other Whippets.
6/18/2010 - Miss Debbey is going to work on making Winnie a special new collar because apparently Winnie is complaining about the one that we sent her in, which is fairly old and getting a bit ragged, so she wants a brand new one before she comes home. She’s settled right in and is flirting a lot with Mr. Rhythm but we think he continues to be a little confused.
6/21/2010 - Winnie and Rhythm are still in the courtship stage - I have some adorable pictures of them to share. Debbey has made Winnie a brand new collar which suits her quite well. Thank you Debbey for everything, I’m sure Winnie will return a spoiled rotten diva with an attitude - LOL Liz Littlejohn (owner of Marius - an Anna x Tigger kid) went over to Debbey’s to meet Winnie and fell in love. She will be getting one of the puppies from this litter, she is hoping for a blue boy and I am hoping for a blue girl so we hope for lots of blues to appear! Enjoy some pics.