Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apollonia is 5 weeks old today!

Here are some new pics of her taken this morning :) You can see all her new 5 week old photos on her page at

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on Petals & Romero in their new home

Petals and Romero are getting along wonderfully in their new home from the reports I am getting from their new owners Michael & Michelene Cappas and their daughters. They are their first Whippets and they just had Romero neutered. They spend their days playing with their squirrel toy and letting the neighbor dogs know they are there when they pass by the house.

Here are some pics of them in their new home.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's results

AKC Coursing in Rocky Mount, NC...

Open Stake (25 dogs)
3rd - GiGi for 2 more LCX points
5th - Rupert

Field Champions (12 dogs)
3rd - Cuda
4th - Winnie

Mom is on her way home and the dogs are TIRED!

NOTRA Racing in New Jersey
44 dog meet

15th - Aren
20th - Trick
21st - Ripley
26th - Derby (and her finished his OTR title)
27th - Avery
29th - Marseille
31st - Kira (momma to Ripley, Derby & Avery)

Not to bad a weekend - got a few more titles on the kids...

Derby earned his OTR
Margo earned her JC
Choo Choo earned his SC
Cuda earned his MC
and Helen was BAER tested Normal yesterday!


Yesterday's activities

Joanne, George & Michelle all went to the WRA race up in New Jersey.

It was a 44 dog meet...
10th - Ripley!! Not bad for a show bred boy ;)
14th - Aren, Murphy's son
23rd - Trick
24th - Avery
25th - Derby

Not bad as it was most of the kids first WRA Meet!!! They are doing the NOTRA today and we are waiting for results :)

Mom went lure coursing (AKC) in Rocky Mount, NC
Open Stake - 24 dogs
2nd - GiGi for 3 LCX points
3rd - Rupert for 2 LCX points

Field Champion Stake - 13 dogs
2nd - Tigger for 2 LCX points

Also - Helen, Tinsley, Francois & Christian all got to practice. Helen and Francois ran two whole courses! Tinsley practiced half a course but we have decided to keep her on straights until this fall as she is so fast that she isn't great on turns right now. It was getting dark when mom praciticed Christian, so they bumped the lure for him and I heard he was much more enthusiastic for the bunny on Saturday when he had more time to watch it in the light :)

Will update on today's news when I get it!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Mom's Saturday afternoon...

After cleaning the house up and cleaning the van out to get ready for next weekend and then mowing the yard and doing some yard work out front... mom laid down for a nap and this is what she got...

She's in there somewhere, along her with are 9 of the Whippies... Rupert, Charlize, Gali, Lola, Dido, Sweet Pea, Scarlet, Bosley & Leigh. So much for the nap - LOL


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mercury Pics!

Here are the pics taken yesterday of Mercury at the race meet :) We're so proud of our little girl!


Mercury - one of our Gali x Quincy babies owned by Nelly Musso in Illinois - had a great day yesterday, she ran in the puppy race in Gardner, IL and had a great day - I got some pics of her from yesterday that I will post when I have them saved - she looked great and we are so proud of Gali and Quincy's only baby girl! Yeah Mercury!


Our weekend at home...

Mom stayed home this weekend and we had the family over last night - got the lawn mowed and did some house work. The dogs are enjoying their weekend home, though I don't think they would have minded being out on the coursing field :) I'm going to try and get some candids of the kids outside playing in the freshly mowed lawn. The pups had fun playing with the lunge whip lure yesterday and will have another play session with it again today. They had a blast.

I also forgot to post about recent health testing from the National - mom had Rupert Cardiac Echo'd - completely normal, just waiting on his number

Glenda had Leo and Brom CERF & BAER tested, completely normal and Leo was also Cardiac tested and that was normal as well.

Jane also had Magnum CERF, BAER & Cardiac tested which was also all normal.

Leigh was also CERF'd again the other weekend and totally normal. Still waiting on the Myostatin Deficency tests for some of ours kids and will post when we get them. We did find out the GiGi and Viva's sisters were N/B (Carriers) so we don't know what to expect with our two girls but should know soon :)

Petals and Romero went to their new home and are settling in great, they absolutely love them. They might get to play around on the coursing field a bit but they are basically just couch potatos at the moment and loving it. Wallace has also found his new forever home but at the moment he is still hanging out at Shannon Down. He'll probably leave to his new home in a few weeks.

My baby Crested girl, "Apoll" is growing up and looking beautiful - will post new photos of her sometime today. She is just as cute as could be and is using her little legs and wagging her tail - she's starting to use her voice a bit and trying to bark and growl - though her growl sounds more like a purr - LOL She's playing with her 'stand in' littermates, two little squeaky toys. She's quiet happy with them and plays with them when she's awake.

We'll post photos later today - that's it for now!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Myostatin Deficiency Test Results

Joanne got her test results back for her kids...

Aren (Murphy x Sabrina) N/N
Avery (Brooks x Kira) N/N
Marseille (Blaze x Pea) N/N
Kira (dam of Brooks kids) N/N

And we got Rupert's results back and he is N/N

Waiting on a few of our kids results and will post when we get them!


Off for the weekend

Getting ready to pack up the crates and dogs and head down to Perry GA for shows. Leigh and Dido are entered. The judge on Sunday is our ole friend, James White, so everyone keep your fingers crossed - Dido needs 2 pts to finish! Romero and Petals are coming with me to go to their new family tomorrow - they're going together so that is nice!! Elle is coming along for the ride as is Rupert (who can't stay home:) Also delivering a dog for Suzie Hughes so she can catch a ride back to her home in Florida. Staying in the van tonight, we show at 8:30 in the am, and I will call Krystyl as soon as we are finished.

I think Blaine and Sharron and Julie and Joker are doing the ASFA Trials in Calhoun GA this weekend. Good luck,

More tomorrow...


Look what came in the mail...

Today, the portrait mom had taken of Rupert at the National came. Photographer was Dan Hogan... enjoy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ohio AKC Lure Coursing - Sunday results

An even better day!!! Again, there were 3 stakes of Open, there were 7 Field Champions.
Here's how it went down...

Stake A
Quincy placed 2nd for 3 points - so now he has 8 points and a major!
Rupert placed 3rd behind him for 2 LCX points

Stake B
GiGi won this stake for 5 LCX points!
Anna placed 2nd behind her for 3 points which completed her AKC Field Championship!!!!!

Stake C
Blaine won this stake for a 5 point major!!! So now he also has 8 points and a major in just 3 trials.

Field Champions
Tigger won this stake for 2 LCX points!

Best of Breed went to - GIGI!!!! Yeah GiGi, what an awesome day!


Ohio AKC Lure Coursing - Saturday results

By moving some Field Champions down to Open they were able to make 3 stakes of Open dogs (45 total Open dogs!)

Open Stake A
Cuda placed 4th and Rupert placed 5th

Open Stake B
Anna placed 4th - just out of the points

Open Stake C
GiGi placed 2nd for 3 LCX points

Field Champions
Tigger placed 3rd and Viva placed 5th

Not a bad day with a huge entry!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our newest 'little' addition...

I forgot to post on our blog that we have a tiny new addition as of April 23, 2008!!! My girl Quizzie gave birth to a beautiful black/white powderpuff girl! She won't stay black, that's for sure, as she is already changing color. Enjoy the pics of "Apollonia" (aka KryLeigh's U Got The Look)

New pics of Quincy

Quincy will be 2 years old already next month!!!!

We took these yesterday - he certainly is maturing into a handsome little man!

April in review

Haven't updated in a while - but it's been busy and my computer was down for a little while :(

Here are April results in review - the Shannon Down dogs had another great month!

April 5th - Leigh takes Best of Breed at the Charlotte, NC shows

April 6th - Leigh takes Best of Breed again at the Charlotte, NC shows and her daughter Dido was Reserves Winners Bitch, Best Bred By Exhibitor and BBE Group 2.
Blaine also won his Open Stake at the ASFA trial in Kentucky for his first 36 points

April 12th - Mom went to the AKC trial in Georgia and Cuda won his Open stake for 5 points towards his LCX, Quincy won his Open stake for a 5 point major! Bosley placed 4th in his Open Stake. Tigger won Field Champions and Best of Breed and GiGi placed 3rd in FC.

April 13th - another day in GA for the AKC trial and the Hound Specialty show. Choo Choo placed 2nd in his big Open Dog class and Anna was Reserve Winners Bitch! At the AKC Trial - Anna placed 4th in her Open Stake, Rupert placed 2nd in his Open Stake for 3 points towards his LCX. GiGi placed 4th in the Field Champion stake!
Joanne went coursing (AKC) in New Jersery and Derby won his huge Open Stake for a 5 point major to finish his AKC Field Championship!!

April 20th - Joanne went coursing (ASFA) in Indiana and Derby won the Open Stake, his first time coursing ASFA!

April 23rd - mom, Glenda and Jane all made the trip out to Eugene, Oregon for the Whippet National. Leo placed 4th in his big American Bred class and brother Magnum was cut up to 5th right behind his brother in the same class!

April 26th - Joanne, George & Michelle went coursing (ASFA) in Virigina. Derby won his Open Stake for his second 1st placement towards his ASFA FCh. Trick was NBQ in the Open Stake and Ripley placed 2nd in Field Champions

April 27th - ASFA Coursing again in Virigina, Trick placed 4th in the Open Stake and Ripley placed 3rd in the Field Champion Stake!

That's it for April, to tally the points and titles earned...

Blaine is now pointed and has a placement towards his ASFA FCh
Cuda, Rupert & Tigger all earned LCX points
Quincy won a 5 point major for his AKC FC
Derby won a major and finished his AKC Field Championship!
Derby is also pointed and has 2 placements towareds his ASFA FCh

Not a bad month at all :) We look forward to the month of May!!! Results from the AKC Trial in Ohio today and tomorrow will come soon!