Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's news

Mom was coursing in Hanover, PA today and only took Helen, Rupert & GiGi as well as Bosley to be bred to Carina. Helen placed 2nd in the Open Stake of 23 for 3 points so now she only needs her majors and this win puts her up in the AKC Coursing Top 20!!!! Rupert was just out of the placements and GiGi placed 2nd in the Field Champion stake. Bosley didn't run, he only went to be bred to Carina (hopefully Michelle & Carina can expect puppies in November).

Also, Debi Adams took her pup Porter (Heidi x Petey) to his very first show in Saint Helens, OR and he was awarded WD/BOW/BOS for a 3 point major under judge Mr. Dana Cline. We are so excited about this Heidi pup and can't wait to see what else he does. Will post a picture as soon as we receive one.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Introducing Dido's babies!!!!

Dido had her babies yesterday on August 26, 2008 and brought 8 beautiful babies (5 girls and 3 boys) into this world in just over 3 hours. Mom and pups are doing wonderful!!!!

Puppy #1 - Girl
"Aurora" SD And So It Goes

Puppy #2 - Boy
"Caleb" SD Movin' Out
Puppy #3 - Girl
"Aaliyah" SD Uptown Girl

Puppy #4 - Girl
"Alexa" SD She's Got A Way

Puppy #5 - Boy
"Liam" SD The Entertainer

Puppy #6 - Girl
"Milo" SD This Is The Time

Puppy #7 - Boy
"Aidan" SD I Go To Extremes

Puppy #8 - Girl
"Cadence" SD River Of Dreams

The whole gang

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor Little Diddle

The picture says it all - this was taken last night.

Her temp is still down in the 98 degree range (98.5) this morning and she didn't even look at her breakfast. It's a nice quiet rainy day today - all the other Whippies are crashed out around the house so it would be a nice day for whelping if she so chooses :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More pics of Carina

I just got some new pics of Bosley's "lady in waiting" the other day and she is just beautiful!


New pics of Tower & Elle

Here are two new pics of Tower - sleeping peacefully and then AWAKE :)

And Elle is doing great in his new home in Poland - he certainly is fitting in great and his bestest buddy ever is the Borzoi he is pictured with... they are planning shows for him this Fall and we are SO excited!!!

Weekend Results

Mom went lure coursing (AKC) up in Leesburg, VA this weekend and here is how it turned out!

Open Stake A - 16 dogs
Rupert placed 3rd for 2 LCX points
Quincy placed 4th
Ripley placed 5th (owned and run by George and Michelle)
Open Stake B - 15 dogs
Cuda placed 2nd for 3 LCX points
Helen placed 3rd for 2 FC points and finished her SC title!
Field Champion Stake - 11 dogs
GiGi placed 4th
Veteran Stake - 3 dogs
Murphy won the stake for 1 LCX point

Open Stake - 20 dogs
Helen placed 3rd for 2 more FC points!!! She now has 6 points in 5 trials.
Rupert placed 5th
Field Champion Stake - 11 dogs
Bosley placed 2nd for 2 LCX points
GiGi placed 5th

Also, mom got a call from Joanne not to long ago and she went to a Rally trial to work on some titles today! Derby earned the 2nd leg towards his RN (Rally Novice) title, now he only needs one more. Avery earned her first leg towards her RN title her first time out and their momma Kira earned the first leg towards her RA (Rally Advanced) title and placed 3rd while doing so.

Nothing on Dido, except that she is uncomfortable and her temp is going down slightly (and slowly). Today is only her first due date so she could hold on to them for a while, we will see.

I have some new pics to share of Tower & Elle and also some new pics we got of Carina who is Bosley's new lady friend he will get to meet this weekend :) I will post those very soon and mom will get to see Layla and Mya (from the Winnie x Bosley litter) next weekend, I will make sure she takes LOTS of pictures!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dido update

She's doing well, she tried to nest a bit last night in a quilt on the couch but other than that, no signs. She had a small mucus string this morning which means we are getting closer - possibly tomorrow? No real temperature change, but then we have had some that just don't change, she's eating great as well just moving around a bit slower. Here are some pics I took of her last night, looking pitiful :)

A very special birthday!

A VERY VERY happy birthday to our special girl Daisy - she turns EIGHT years old today! She no longer lives here with us, she keeps Kevin company in their new home with Anita Gersch - we get to see them whenever we want, they don't live that far from where we are.

Anyways, Daisy will always be a special girl here at Shannon Down - her kids that reside here are Bosley and Gali and she has several grandkids here as well - Tinsley, Delite & Francois.

All her kids are (from her first litter), Torin, Cliona, Seamus, Molly, Teagan & Luke (from her second litter) Bosley, Joker, Zoom, Stella, Gunner, DeeDee, Audrey & RIP Glory (from her third litter) Gali & Ticket (and from her last) Cricket

She has many grandkids, several of which will be setting out to do many different things this year and the years to come. I am going to try my best to include them all on here...

From her first litter of grandkids (Bosley x Lilly)
Lana, Abbie, Karma & Sailor

From the Bosley x Raku litter
Dice (who will eventually lure course and maybe show a bit)
Aesa (who will be working on her CGC and may get to do some racing)
Bandit (who will eventually do some racing)
Grace (will be attempting lure coursing & flyball)
Ripper (will be attempting lure coursing & flyball)
Tinsley (will be lure coursing & racing, maybe a bit of showing as well)
Dave (may get to try out some coursing or racing)

From the Bosley x Winnie litter
Ravin (training for flyball now)
Tower (training for flyball now)
Striker (will be coursing & racing)
Layla (will be coursing soon)
Mya (just earned her JC and will be coursing more soon)
Delite (will be racing & coursing)
RIP sweet Georgia - passed away at 6 1/2 weeks

From the Gali x Quincy litter
Spencer (already trying out some lure coursing & showing)
Tommy & Barkley in their companion homes
Wallace (may get to try out some lure coursing)
Francois (will be moving to Holland soon to race)
Elle (living in Poland where he will be showing)
Mercury (will start racing & showing soon)

What a wonderful list of grandkids for our Daisy and I know they all will make her proud - even those who are in companion homes, just living a happy healthy life is more then we can ask for!

Daisy was a wonderful girl when she was here with us and daddy's favorite. She left to keep Kevin company after he went to live with Anita and now they are both very happy couch potatos who enjoy baking in the sun, many treats and TONS of love. I wish there were a thousand homes like Anita, she's been wonderful and I have not worried one day about Kevin and Daisy since they went to live with her - she's been the most wonderful home!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dido's full belly

Here is Dido in all her glory, taken today. Could be just a few more days until we have little babies here at Shannon Down!!!!! For those of you interested, we will have a web cam on her whelping and the pups growing up, it's currently off until she starts showing signs of labor, and I will post when things start happening. The link to the web cam channel is I will repost the link when we turn the cam on too ;)


We thought of a theme!

After going through our list of themes I have written down, we have decided on a theme for Dido's litter - it's going to be the Billy Joel litter!!!

Here are some of the names we like and may use :)

Easy Money
I Go To Extremes
Movin' Out
River Of Dreams
The Entertainer
Uptown Girl
You May Be Right
She's Got A Way
This Is The Time
And So It Goes
Light As The Breeze

I have a huge list of names, but those are our favorites right now :) Hopefully we won't need any more than what is listed!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A lady friend for Bosley...

Bosley has a new lady friend "Carina"! He will be visiting Carina for the weekend in two weeks and I know he's excited. Many thanks to Michelle Bernier for choosing our Bosley for her wonderful Carina, they should make some beautiful babies together!

Carina is MBIF & MBIE FC Imani Shooting Star LCM-7, NA, NAJ, NF and was the #2 ASFA Coursing Whippet in 2005 and 2006 and is currently the #6 in ASFA Coursing this year! Michelle should get some beautiful athletic puppies from these two!

Here's Carina...

Monday, August 18, 2008

More pics of Blaine...

Quite the photogenic little guy - here are 3 pics from agility practice...

And one of him just looking beautiful and manly in his faux barbed wire collar (FYI, it's just leather, not real barbed wire - LOL)

New Blaine pics

We got these just this afternoon of Mr. Blaine. He looks great!

Happy 3rd birthday to 2 special litters....

A very happy 3rd birthday to the Kiss kids from our 2nd Sweet Pea x Blaze litter. Time sure does fly and these babies have really grown up! The Brooks x Lilly kids were born the same day, bred by Kiesha. So I wanted to say Happy 3rd birthday to them too - Jason, Birdie, Nigel, Ruby, Chuckie & Dylan. Now for the Kiss kids...

Leo, Magnum and Frenchie
Leo & Frenchie loved by Glenda Konopka, Magnum loved by Jane Ashley-Finnel Marseille (loved by Joanne Ronning)
Petals (loved by the Cappas family)
Jet Li (loved by the Horton family)
Tattle (loved by Sally Forseth in Canada)
Scooter (loved by Michael Miller)
I have an updated picture somewhere, just couldn't find it