Saturday, November 29, 2008

New RN!

Joanne took Marseille to try for that last leg of her RN yesterday and received a qualifying score of 88 for her last leg of her RN - she is now Shannon Down French Kiss SC, OTR, CGC, RN

Congrats Joanne and Marseille!!!!


"Delite"ful news :)

My baby girl Delite - from the Bosley x Winnie litter - went coursing (AKC) today and placed 3rd in the Open Stake of 15 for her first 2 points towards her AKC Field Championship! I am so proud of our little 17.5 inch girl!



Belle puppies!

Belle whelped 5 beautiful puppies on November 28th - 1 tri color boy, 1 tri color girl and 3 black girls - pictured below...

Novalee, Nathan, Nadia, Nova & Naomi

"Naomi" - black/white girl

"Nova" - black/white girl

"Nadia" - black/white girl

"Nathan" - tri color boy

"Novalee" - tri color girl

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Belle is getting HUGE

The countdown has begun - Belle is due November 26th, and I don't think she can hold off past that. She is HUGE! The picture above was taken just a little bit ago and this doesn't even begin to show how big she really is in person. I can't wait to see what we get - the web cam will be on when she whelps so hopefully some of you will join in to see Shannon Down's one and only Basenji litter - LOL

The link for when she does begin to whelp (keep an eye on things starting Nov 26th) is

What an AWESOME weekend!!!!

We had the most awesome weekend this weekend!!!! We ran 14 dogs each day at the WRA/NOTRA race meets to make numbers and they had so much fun, they are SO tired and will be sleeping really well tonight. To start off we will post about the other Shannon Down Whippet news...

On Friday - Joanne took Kira (mother of the Bird litter, she was bred to Brooks), Aren (a Murphy son bred by Kiesha) and Marseille (Sweet Pea x Blaze) to work on some obedience/rally titles. Kira finished her CD!!!! Aren finished his RN and Marseille earned her second leg towards her RN - way to go Joanne and kids!!!!!!!

On Saturday - George and Michelle took Ripley ASFA coursing in VA, Ripley placed 3rd in the Field Champion stake of 8 dogs - he's well on his way to his LCM! Way to go Ripley! Glenda in Texas took Brom and Frenchie to work on some coursing stuff, Brom completed his JC title and both he and Frenchie pre-certed for ASFA!

On Sunday - Glenda took Leo, Frenchie & Brom ASFA Coursing. Leo won the Open Stake of 7 or 8 dogs and finished his ASFA Field Championship!!!! Brom placed 4th and Frenchie placed NBQ!!! What a great weekend and we've only just begun!

Okay - mom and I went racing in Camden, SC. On Saturday it was 32 dog WRA meet...
Bosley placed 3rd and got the top WRCh point, FOUR!!! Now he only needs 1.33 points to finish his WRCh!
Cuda placed 4th and got the bottom set of points, 2 WRCh, his first WRCh points!
Tinsley ran her first meet and placed 5th, just short of getting points but what an awesome finish for her first time running!
Striker (Bosley x Winnie that Dee Evans owns) ran his second meet and placed 9th and finished his CR title!!!!
Gali finished 10th in the meet and also finished her CR title!

Now for Sunday... I think it was even better than the day before! A 42 dog NOTRA meet.
Viva, who hasn't run more than a handful of times all year, finished 6th and got the top set of ORC points - a whoping FIVE ORC points!!! She now has 6 ORC points. We were so impressed with her today.
And then Cuda, Bosley & Tinsley all tied with the same points and placed 7th, 8th and 9th - since Bosley is finished already, Cuda and Tinsley split the 2nd set of points - 2 each!!!! Tinsley's first time running the oval and she got ORC points!!! AND Cuda got points both days in a row - how awesome!
Striker ran his first NOTRA meet and finished at 13th - not bad at all - considering there were 8 ORC titled dogs at the meet!!!!
Brooks finished his OTRM-3 title and had the best time in months, he hadn't been running in a long while.
Also - Torin, who just turned 7 years old this month is running better than ever. He had a great day of running and is now only 11 points away from his OTRM-3!!!

The dogs all had a blast, we are incredibly tired and we will all sleep really well tonight!

I snapped some pics on Sunday that I am posting...

Lola striking a pose - she ran great and even had a big tumble and recovered great!

Just a cute shot of Viva watching the bunny

A wonderful family photo - momma Raku, daddy Bosley & daughter Tinsley



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prego girls

Here are pictures of the prego girls taken today. Leigh is about 2 weeks away from her first due date and Belle is about 1 week away from her first due date!

Francois - first pictures in Holland

We got these pictures this morning, he seems to be doing really well and she says he's really happy. He has another Whippet friend that lives with him named Hector (brown dog). She met up with her mother and two other dogs - her mothers black Whippet named Hollywood and the Greyhound named Hit. He's having a lot of fun and seems to be settling into his new home with no problems what so ever. We are so happy that he made it over there safe and sound and that she fell in love with him so quickly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Elle wins in Poland!

This past Sunday (November 16th) Elle was shown at a National All-Breed dog show in Kielce, Poland - he won his Intermediate class and went on to win Best of Opposite Sex (Best Male) for his first CWC title. He needs 2 more CWC titles to complete his Polish Championship - one from a National show and one from an International show!


Thanks so much to Janina and Angelika for this wonderful opportunity for Elle AND Shannon Down!

Francois in Holland

Francois arrived safely to his new home in Holland this morning and his new owner Deborah LOVES him already :) She's hoping to take some pictures of him tomorrow and email them to me.


Our dual sired litter, not so 'dual'

Got DNA back on Belle (formally Aurora) and Landis today - they are the two remaining parti colored pups. We are still waiting on DNA for the 4 solid pups, but we are sure they are Quincy. Both Belle and Landis are sired by Quincy. We got Cadence's and Aaliyah's back the other day and they were both also Quincy's so it looks like our dual sired litter wasn't really a dual sired litter :( I even gave Brooks a head start knowing how these Swedish boys are but I guess Quincy 'out swam' Brooks :( I was really hoping to have some Brookie kids since he will be neutered soon - but even though it's not a dual sired litter, it's a really nice litter and we couldn't be more happy with them. The bright side is we only have to nominate ONE litter instead of two and we don't have to pay the $200 fee for registering them with AKC - we paid for DNA and microchips but there isn't a down side to that, it's something we would like to do with every litter whether they are dual sired or not - so we didn't loose anything in the process.

Anyways, we got some very nice puppies and we couldn't be happier with them in every way. I will still post when we get the DNA back on the other 4, but it should be no surprise that they are also Quincy's - it will be a few weeks still until we get theirs.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prego Basenji

Here's my very pregnant Basenji girl Belle eating her lunch this afternoon. She's about a week and a half away, her first due date is on November 26 (hopefully she doesn't go on Thanksgiving!) We can't wait to see what she has - we're expecting tri colors an black/whites - hopefully several girls as the co-breeder wants a nice girl from her ;) Her first litter (before I got her) she had 5 puppies, 4 boys and 1 girl and produced several Ch, FC and DC!!!

Update on the puppies

First, the Scarlet x Bowie pups - pictured at 8 weeks, I am using the head shots - you can see all the stacked shots on the website.

She's still looking for the right home, she's an outgoing little bugger and is still the mouth of the litter though she doesn't make nearly as much noise as she use to.

Cecilia is going to live in IN with Janina who got Elle from us, she will probably move to Poland to live with her sister next year and will be shown!

Ali is staying here, since I have a Scarlet daughter (Charlize) I wanted to keep a boy this time. He reminds me so much of his big sister Charlize, same personality but extra sweet!!

Now for the Dido x Quincy/Brooks puppies, they are pictured at 10 weeks.

Milo may be traveling to Brazil, not sure yet. She's a spunky little thing, but the little ones are always the spunkiest ones ;) Still waiting on her DNA

Liam is staying here and my little brother Stuart will be co-owning him and showing him in Juniors. Still waiting on his DNA

Landis is waiting for the right home, he is such a handsome boy that I hope we can find a good show home for him. And he is the BIGGEST sweetheart! Still waiting on his DNA

Caleb is waiting for the right home, he's the biggest of the puppies and I think he will end up being the tallest, he is so much like his daddy in personality. Waiting on his DNA

Cadence is also waiting for the right home. She is a big sweetheart, loves to play with my necklace when I hold her. She is sired by Quincy.

Belle, formally Aurora, she is in her new home with Alex Smith - you can see the other posts of her in her new home. Waiting on her DNA

Alexa is staying here at and will be co-owned with my sister Kassandra Lyons. She is so much like her mother in personality, she is very laid back and is just so regal about everything. Waiting on her DNA

Aaliyah is waiting for the right home, I think we will be holding on to her until the right show home comes along, she is just a stunning girl! She is sired by Quincy.

Well, that's all of them - hope to get some new pics of them this week :) They have handled the change in weather very well. They normally run to the back door and hop out to go play and potty, but when it's really cold in the morning or at night or if it's raining, they just stand at the door and look at me like I'm nuts. Except for Scarlet's puppies, they don't care what the weather is like, they are always the first 3 to hop out the door.

Leigh's belly is growing

These were taken just the other night, when these were taken she had just under 3 more weeks to go! I hope she doesn't try and out do her last litter of NINE!!!! Her due date is December 2nd, so we still have a bit of a wait, haven't figured out a theme yet but hopefully soon :) I have new pictures of Belle I have to download, she is getting so big and lumpy :) Her first due date is Nov 26th, I have no idea what to think of her size since we've never had a pregnant Basenji before.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The first DNA results are in!

We got the first DNA results back on the Dido dual sired litter. Funny because it was the second set we sent in, we got Cadence and Aaliyah's back and Aurora (now Belle) and Landis were the first ones we sent in, they should be here any day now.


Cadence & Aaliyah and sired by


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aurora - now "Belle"

Aurora has been renamed "Belle" - here is Belle in her new home with her new best buddy "Watson"

Cliona visited...

Jason was on his way through this past weekend and stopped by with Cliona, she just turned 7 years old this month and we got some pics :)

GiGi injury

It was a nice weekend for the Shannon Down crew (you can see the weekend news on our News page on the website). But on Sunday while GiGi was coursing she crashed and fractured her skull. Mom took her to the vets yesterday morning, our vet put her on Vancomycin and we're keeping her quiet (not easy for GiGi) and watching her closely. She is acting like her normal self, the sub-Q air under her skin is going down (she has a little split in the skin where she hit her head), her head has swollen up that night but it is also going down, but mom can now feel really well where it is broken. The depression is a little longer thanan inch and about 1/2" wide, our guess is she either landed on a pulley or a rock. She will just be taking it easy and being a couch potato for now and we'll keep an eye on things.


Friday, November 7, 2008


Aurora, from the Dido dual sired litter, left this afternoon with her new owner Alex Smith. Here she is pictured today right before she left.

One more poster

Here is the latest one I have done....

I can feel the wind go by when I run. It feels good. It feels fast.

I'm making POSTERS!

I am trying my hand at making posters, we have to find a good place to have them printed - they are all 24 x 36 inches or 36 x 24 for the ones that are horizontal. The ones I have done already and pictured below - you can click on them to blow them up. I have little quotes on all of them because you can't read them with them this tiny (click on them to see larger size) Let us know what you think of them!!!!

The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.

Love is always bestowed as a gift, freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved, we love to love.

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.

Love is the beauty of the soul.

The jet stream is a very strong force and pushing a balloon into it is like pushing up against a brick wall, but once we got into it, we found that, remarkably, the balloon went whatever speed the wind went.

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance - and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.