Thursday, October 23, 2008

A non-Whippet litter expected

Well - my Basenji girl is pregnant!!!! Ms. Belle was sent to a lovely young dog named Teller and this is her second and last litter. She had one litter before coming to me and with those 5 puppies she ended last year as the top producing Basenji bitch because of their Ch, FC & DC titles! This will be my first and most likely only Basenji litter - they will be whelped here with us and then at 8 weeks they will move to their co-breeders (there are a few on the litter). Here are pics of the mom and dad to be and I will post pregnancy photos and of course puppy photos when they arrive! Her first due date is Nov 26th - 1 day before my 21st birthday! Oh, and Teller just needs 1 single to finish his Championship after winning 3 majors this past weekend! He is also pointed towards his Canadian Championship with some wonderful wins.

Daddy "Teller" AB Take It To The Bank

Momma "Belle" Ch. UnderCover Bella The Ball

Weekend news and pictures

Weekend news :) On Saturday mom went to the Reidsville, NC for AKC Lure Coursing. Helen placed 2nd in Open A for 3 LCX points, Isaac placed 4th in Open A, Rupert placed 4th in Open B and Quincy placed 5th in Open B. GiGi was 2nd in Field Champions out of 7 dogs! Sunday in Reidsville first Delite got her first leg of her JC!!!!! Quincy placed 4th in Open A and Cuda placed 5th in Open A.

On Saturday at the AWC Specialty in California - Monroe (Summit Manifest Destiny of Camelot) won the Sweepstakes over 30 dogs! He also won his regular class! This was his debut - the picture below was taken that day. Monroe is a litter brother to Porter, they are both Heidi (Shannon Down Shakin' The Tree) kids!

On Sunday AKC Coursing in Hutto, TX - Brom got the first leg of his JC!!! Leo placed 4th in the Open Stake of 9 dogs!

On Sunday ASFA Coursing in Columbia, KY - Blaine placed 4th in the Open Stake out of 17 dogs!
And last but not least from this weekend - on Sunday, NOTRA racing - Torin placed 10th, Mike & Sue says he's running better than ever and he's a month short of becoming a veteran :)

Also - I didn't post this news before... Porter was shown on the 9th, 11th & 12th (wasn't entered on the 10th) On the 9th he was WD/BOW & BOB for another point and on the 11th and 12th he was WD/BOS each day for a point each! The picture below is his BOB win - Porter just needs a major and 4 singles now to finish I believe! Yeah Porter!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blaine's show photo

Well, Mr. Blaine won his first points towards his Championship the other weekend, owner/handled by Sharron. Here is his picture that we received today via email - he's such a handsome fella! Maybe another Dual Champion in the making? He has 8 points and a major towards his AKC FC already and I think him and Sharron are doing some ASFA coursing this weekend as well.

Catching up on pictures

Lots of pictures to share that I have received in the last week...

We'll start with Romero and Petals - both of them were blessed on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi at their church by Fr. Elliot.

Romero pictured with his young owner Alison

Petals pictured with young owner Veronica

Romero & Petals with Fr. Elliott

And now for Bertie (formally Birdie) and Silas (formally Sailor) owned by Sheila Hungerford. Bertie is a Brooks kid and Silas is a Bosley kid, both out of Kiesha's girl Lily.

And now some new pictures of Dave, owned by Sarah New. He will be a big brother soon when Landis from the Dido litter travels to his new home with Sarah and Tony (and Dave). He looks so handsome in these pictures!

And not sure if I have posted before, but Carina IS pregnant. Michelle is very excited and here is the first pregnant photo we got of her :)

And, Anita did a WONDERFUL painting of Daisy - she is momma and grandma to many here at Shannon Down and she is retired and living with Anita now. Here is how the painting turned out.

And now for some Elle pictures and news! He had his first show in Poland last weekend, he placed 2nd in his juniors class. I also got some wonderful new pictures of him. His next show will be middle of November and I can't wait to hear about how it goes!

Wow - lots of photos in just a few days. Thank you to all their owners for keeping us updated with pictures, we LOVE pictures and love to share them so keep them coming :)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Pictures of Christian

These are some pictures I got in the mail of Christian from the Rupert x Fiona litter. I scanned them but my scanner cut the pictures a little short in some areas. I am going to be re-scanning them, but here are the pics for now :) He looks just as handsome as when he left us - he is living with his owners Bonnie & Rich now and very much loving his new home.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've been getting behind on a few things but wanted to wish the kids happy birthday that just recently celebrated it.

GiGi and Viva turned 3 years old on the 3rd!

Rupert, Dido & Lola turned 4 years old on the 4th!

And Kevin turned 9 on the 6th - he lives with our dear friend Anita.

Happy birthday kids!!!!!


Sunday, October 5, 2008


News from the weekend...

Well, first Hummer went to his new home with Charlie & Pat Smith in Indiana, Sarah that owns Dave was so kind to come to Fairborn, OH where mom was coursing to pick Hummer up and transport him closer to Charlie and Pat who picked him up this morning and love him already! Hopefully some pics to follow soon with his updates.

Now for coursing results...

Saturday - Tinsley got the first leg of her JC which she didn't complete today because the lure operator kept the lure WAY to far out in front of her. Oh well, we'll try again next time. Mom did run her with her mother Raku who was happy to get out for a weekend of traveling and has proven to be FASTER than her mother!!!!! It's going to be SO exciting to race her!
Okay, now for the real results - Cuda won the Open stake of 26 for 5 LCX points, Helen won the FC stake of 6 dogs and went on to win Best of Breed for her first 5 LCX points her first time running as a FC! Anna finished 4th in FC after not running for several weeks, she was happy just to get out and stretch her legs!

Sunday - Rupert placed 2nd in Open for 3 LCX points and Helen won the FC stake again for another 1 point towards her LCX. Anna placed 4th in FC's again. Not to bad - a great weekend for little Helen - we are so proud and excited about this girl!!!

We got word that Derby (Brooks x Kira) completed his RN this weekend - yeah!!!!!!! Avery also picked up her 2nd leg towards her RN and momma Kira picked up her 2nd leg to her RA title as well - all with very high scores!

Also I have some new pictures of Christian that we received in his new home that I will try and post on Tuesday.

Lots of new puppy pictures up on the website of Dido's pups (6 weeks) and Scarlet's pups (4 weeks) We are so happy with these two litters - still no DNA results back for the Dido litter, but hopefully soon!

Will post more on Tuesday when things settle down here a bit ;)