Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winnie has the blues - part 5

It was confirmed the other day that Winnie is indeed pregnant! Now we just wait :) She's due around August 25th and we have her first pregnant photo since she's been home (she arrived home on Monday, July 26th). She's not eating kibble very well so we are thawing some chicken backs out for her to get her eating. She's back to snuggling with me in bed and we are so happy to have her home! This photo of her is taken on day 34 from the first natural breeding.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winnie has the blues - Part 4

Haven’t updated on Winnie in a while because there hasn’t been to much to tell. They got two natural breedings on her (24th and 26th of June) so now it’s just a waiting game. She’s still with Debbey and her boyfriend Rhythm and I’m sure she is LOVING all of it. She got to go shopping (pictures below) and had a new collar made (previous post) and had some lovely date nights with Rhythm who is a perfect gentleman! We can’t thank Debbey enough for everything and there is a cute photo of Debbey and Winnie included at the bottom of the bost - Debbey with her doggie daughter-in-law Winnie :) Can’t wait to get her home and wait and see if she is pregnant! Enjoy some incredibly cute pictures :)