Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Rabbit Hutches!

Well, FINALLY, we got some rabbit cages made for my 4 New Zealand Rabbits. My father made 3 of them - 24" x 36" and I put the doors in and made hay feeders out of the scrap wire. We still need to make one more but need to get more wire. The sides and top are made of 1" x 2" wire and the floors are made of 1" x 0.5" wire, it takes one of each to make 3 cages. So we need one more roll of each to finish making a cage for the buck (and hay feeder from the scrap) but for right now he's got a temporary cage. Then we have to build a frame to permanently raise them up (right now they are raised but it's only temporary until we actually build a frame). They are growing quite a bit, my buck "Bialy" is quite a good size now, probably around 10#s but I need to weigh them all when I get the scale out. Now that my does are separated from one another they should grow a little faster. They are handling the heat quite well, no problems at all, they are under shade ALL day, sun never hits that spot and they have a tree limb that kind of hangs over the cages so they have additional protection with all the branches and leaves over top of them. I took some pics with my mother's iPhone and our crappy little digital camera - our good camera is in the shop AGAIN, so will take better pics when we get that back. In 3 months, we have spent just over $200 on the rabbits which isn't bad at all - considering this includes all their food, hay, all the materials to make their cages so far, feeders, water bottles or water bottle converters and the actual purchasing of the rabbits. Most of that $ has come from purchasing the wire, j-clips and the j-clip pliers just this week and then a decent portion of that actually came from the purchase of the rabbits themselves. They really don't cost much in food, will be spending more on food once they have kits and we'll need more pellets and hay to feed them but all in all I don't think that's bad at all :)

Enjoy some pics!

3 new cages, hand made by my father :) Hay feeders made and installed by me!
This is what Bialy (the buck) thinks of the girls new cages
Zurina in her new hutch (before hay feeder was installed)
Vanora in her new hutch (before hay feeder was installed)
Jeneva in her new hutch (before hay feeder was installed)

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