Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures, lots of them!!!!!

TONS of pictures to share that we have gotten over the last week or two :)

Joker - taken at the 2009 AWC National - so cute!

Star in Rally - taken at the 2009

Caleb, in his racing gear - getting ready to run a puppy race. Caleb left for his new home after this meet - he now lives with Peppi Grecco of Ladyhawk Whippets.

Huey - pictured at 5 months old - just looking so cute!

Litte Miss Widget at agility class and loving it - 5 months old

The bratness herself, Novalee. She is about 5.5 months now and bratty as ever!

Her bro Nathan, picture directly below trying to take out Isaac the babysitter.

Byelobog - at 5 months old, already measuring in at 19.5 inches

Princess Elisa - our very pretty little tomboy girl - 5 months old

Alistair - FINALLY got some stacked photos of him!!!! He's been so bad about stacked photos that we haven't gotten any of him in months - finally here are some decent shots of him. I really love my Ali boy - 8 months old.

Alexa the menace - looking beautiful as ever at 8 months old

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Neglected the blogspot a little bit this month, not much on news as we haven't traveled much lately. The Anna x Rupert puppies are growing up and doing wonderful... Glenda and us have made a decision as to who we are keeping. We will be keeping the cream boy "Gavin" and Glenda will be getting "Hayden", two very nice boys that we are excited about. We got some new pics of the older puppies the other day which I will attach to another post later this evening. Everyone is doing wonderful, we got a new freezer the other day and picked up a bunch of meat rolls and chicken necks/backs for the dogs which they are loving!

We have changed breeding plans for one of the girls this year... instead of breeding GiGi to Bosley we have decided to go ahead and breed her to "Infineon" Elektra's Infineon RCh, ORC, CC, CM We are excited about what this litter will produce!

As more news happens, I will make sure and post and keep up to date. I will post some pictures in another post :)