Monday, March 23, 2009

Anna x Rupert Puppy Pictures

Whelped March 22, 2009!

Puppy #1 - Girl (6.8 oz)

Puppy #2 - Boy (9 oz)

Puppy #3 - Boy (9.8 oz)

Puppy #4 - Boy (9.1 oz)

Puppy #5 - Boy (8.7 oz)

Puppy #6 - Boy (9.1 oz)

Puppy #7 - Boy (9.7 oz)

Puppy #8 - Girl (9.5 oz)

Puppy #9 - Boy (7.5 oz)

Puppy #10 - Girl (7.1 oz)

Puppy #11 - Girl (7.6 oz)

A very eventful weekend!!!!!!

Okay - so we left Friday to head down to Jacksonville, FL for NOTRA racing. We decided to take Tigger with us for some practice so he did his first practice since his injury Friday afternoon and did SPECTACULAR!!!! He handled it wonderfully - he kept close to the rail, no wandering, kept awesome speed and came off the track barking and wagging his tail. No soreness, lameness, swelling to his leg at all.

So we started our day out racing on Saturday - it ended great with Viva getting 3 ORC points and completing her Oval Race Championship and finished 3rd in the meet of 30 dogs!!! GiGi was 5th, Striker 6th, Bosley 7th, Quincy 8th (huge surprise!), Cuda 9th, Tinsley 12th, Winnie 14th, Charlize 18th and completed her OTR title - her very first title, Delite 22nd, Gali 26th, Helen 27th and Rupert 29th for Best of Opposite Turtle Award!!! Then we decided to practice Tigger again, but with a dog this time, so we picked what we think is our fastest dog right now (Viva) and ran him and her together. He passed her coming out of the box, she caught up to him on the straight a bit and then he blew in front of her on the backstretch. He's nearly the same ole' Tigger!!!! Then we get a phone call from Sharron Lane, Blaine took Winners Dog for a point at the Franklin, TN shows!! Awesome day!!!

Then on Sunday we got a phone call around 7:30am on our way to the track, Anna decided to whelp early and already had 3 puppies. My younger brother Stuart (14 years) and my father were acting midwives this day :) We continued to recieve updates throughout the day and she had 9 puppies before we got home. So now on to racing - we decided to run Tigger in the meet - he placed 3rd in the meet (30 dogs) behind Stoney & Brodie!!!! If he had pulled out the 2nd place, he would have finished his SORC, but we are SOOOO incredibly happy that he ran all 3 programs with no problems whatsoever. He is still doing awesome, hasn't been sore at all and is happy as can be! Striker placed 4th for 4 ORC points and GiGi placed 5th for 2 ORC points - way to go kids!!! Bosley placed 6th, Cuda 7th & Helen 9th to finish her OTR title. I will have to check results again to see how the kids all placed, but they all did awesome! We get another phone call from Sharron on our way home to tell us that Blaine was Winners Dog AGAIN for another point (he's a 1/3 of the way there) and all his points he's been handled to have been by his owner Sharron Lane!!!! Huge Kudos!!!

So we FINALLY get home, Anna's had 9 puppies and we can tell she still has more but is tired and hasn't been contracting hard enough, so we give her an oxytocin shot to help her along. She pushes out #10 (with some help from us) and it's a BIG (well, much bigger than her other puppies) white/brindle girl who is dead. We work on her for a long time, but can't get her going and she is incredibly cold so we had to give up on her - just wasn't meant to be. But she has another 2 puppies after that for a grand total of 12 puppies (7 boys and 5 girls). Our final tally after loosing the one puppy is 11 puppers (7 boys and 4 girls) and they are all doing fabulous. We are VERY surprised to have solid white puppies (most likely will be creams), we have 5 of them and they look very strange among their brindle/white littermates. I will post individual photos in another post but here is a group shot of them all after we all got cleaned up.

And then to top it all off, I get an email from Janina today to tell me that Elle won his Intermediate class at a VERY large International All-Breed show in Katowice, Poland!!!! She was thrilled with this, he has to wait until May until he can get his last CWC for his Polish Championship - but they are still showing him in the mean time and he's doing incredible!!!!

We also heard from Janet that Star got her first leg towards her RN and had a great score to boot!!! Not easy with Whippets so we are VERY proud!!!!

AND - Sarah took Dave to a practice straight race and he did awesome - ran through and open box, through a closed box and with a muzzle on - he really enjoyed himself and we look forward to when Sarah starts running him - we think he will do great!!!

What an AWESOME weekend it was!!!!!! And thank you to all our owners and co-owners, we can't do it without you ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lola's at home...

Lola has apparently settled right into her new home in Canada. Claudine left David to read Cheyenne bedtime stories while she went and tended to the horses and this is what she walked in to - LOL It's too cute and so like Lola :)

Poor Anna!!!

Here are pictures of her taken the other day - she looks MUCH more pathetic in person. She's not happy with this new condition of hers - her little back legs and feet are swollen and she doesn't even want to get up to go potty. I have to drag her out the door - she can't fit more than a few big bites into her tummy so she has food in front of her all the time. It looks like she may be going for a Shannon Down puppy record! The most one of our girls have had was her momma Pea and her first litter of 10. I hope she doesn't try and beat that!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lola and Elle

Got news about Elle today - he showed in Jaroslaw, Poland today and won Best Male/Best of Opposite Sex for another CWC at the National All-Breed Dog Show! He can't finish his Polish Championship until April as the first and last win have to be atleast 6 months apart. But this is awesome news!!! Congrats to his owners Janina and Angelika Wojcik!!!! He has another show (International All-Breed show) next Sunday!!! Fingers crossed, it's suppose to be a BIG show!

And we got Lola's first picture in her new home in Canada at Dreamwindz Whippets....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday news and new homes

First - Saturday's ASFA Coursing news. Mom went to GA for some ASFA Coursing just for today, on her way home now. Just took a few dogs this time and Viva won the Open Stake and went on to win Best of Breed to finish her ASFA Field Championship!! Cuda won the Field Champion Stake - so it was a good day!

Now - for the new homes...

Shakira got to her new home in Missouri yesterday and is happily in her new home with Mike Broder and doing great. She had a good first night and I just got the first picture of her in her new home.

Landis left today with his new owners from the GA ASFA trial. His new owner is Andy Wiggers and his family and they love him. Hopefully he will get to do some lure coursing but his new two kids love him already and that's all that matter.

My baby girl Lola left today to fly into Montana where her new co-owner Claudine Hamilton (of Dreamwindz Whippets) came down to pick her up and is now on her way back home to Canada. She will be showing Lola up there in Canada and her first shows are next month. She will be bred when she comes in season in a few months.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

New photo of Ripley

Taken last month at the WRA meet, photo by Lindsey Lobree. Ripley finished his CRX title at this meet!

New pics of ALL the dogs

Well, after 3 days of photo sessions, we got photos of ALL the Whippets here at Shannon Down, except for Murphy. Here is a link to the photos, including all the puppies. The pictures of Anna and Quincy were actually taken a few weeks ago but since we just got new pictures of them, we didn't take any this time but I included them in the photo album. ENJOY!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great weekend!!!

Ripley finished his CRX title on Saturday!!! Yeah Ripley and congrats to George and Emi on the new title!!!

Today Blaine was awarded Winners Dog & Best of Opposite Sex for another point (has 3 now) and was lead to this win by his owner/handler Sharron Lane!!! Congrats Blaine & Sharron!!! We can't wait to see the new show photo.

At an ASFA trial in Hanover, PA - Mya and Layla (Winnie x Bosley kids) had an awesome weekend. On Saturday in Open (6 dogs), Mya was 2nd and Layla was 3rd! Then on Sunday Mya won the Open Stake (7 dogs) and Layla was 2nd to her. Yippee!!!! Way to go girls and congrats to their owner Steve! Photographer Steve Surfman got some neat shots of them and here is one of each girl ;)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Widget, Huey & Falco pictures

Widget, Huey & Falco are all in their new homes and we have some new pictures to share! Shakira will be leaving to her new home very soon as well. Enjoy the pictures!

Falco is owned by Shannon Owen and her family - Falco is pictured with his kids

Widget is in her new home with Janet Phillips and her aunt "Star" - Janet attempted some stacked photos of Widget and didn't do to bad a job!

Huey is in his new home with Sarah New and her family - here her is pictured with his new girl after just arriving to his new family.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


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