Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Results from last Sunday

Got a bit behind on this, but Sunday went well. Leigh was Best of Breed again, Dido was Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Bred By Exhibitor and went on to a BBE Group 2. We got word that Blaine won the Open stake of 9 at the ASFA trial in KY for his first 36 points! Didn't hear anything about the NOTRA race meet, but I'll see if anything good happened and will post on that.

Not much else, but Quizzie is getting huge... should start feeling the babies kick soon and I'll get a new pic of her tomorrow to post. I've decided to get a web cam and broadcast her puppies live! She's mad at me at the moment for clipping her :) So she'll get another bath tomorrow and new pics will be taken.

As for this weekend - Anna is showing in Perry, GA on Thursday-Sunday and mom is going up for Sat and Sun to show Choo Choo for Mike and Sue and course the dogs (AKC). Don't know who else is doing what this weekend but will post when I find out!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday results

We went to Charlotte, NC for the shows and the class dogs didn't do anything but Leigh went Best of Breed and showed great in the Group ring! Dido had her heart and eyes checked and everything was beautifully clear and normal :)

Glenda was mistaken and there was no ASFA trial this weekend :( So she is stuck at home and I'm sure the dogs are VERY upset - LOL

Marketa went to the ASFA trial in her area and MiMi's toe gave her no problem at all but I guess he tummy was upset... so she pulled her after the first run.

Haven't heart anything about the NOTRA in NJ but will post if anything good happens there when we hear :)

Sharron took Blaine to the ASFA trail and though he didn't get a placement, you couldn't ask for more than a dog who ran beautifully, over 900 yards each course and through the nasty ran and mud!

Will post more tomorrow!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Activities

Mom and I are going to Charlotte, NC to show some of the kids. Anna was entered on Saturday but no major. Dido is entered and Leigh is entered in Specials. Hummer is entered as well but bumped his knee and isn't completley sound - so won't know until the morning if he will come with us.

Glenda is running Leo in Hutto, TX - ASFA coursing. Going to see if she can certify Frenchie and run her and not sure that Christine is going.

Sharron 'might' go to Columbia, KY for ASFA coursing with Blaine.

George and Michelle are going to do NOTRA racing in New Jersey with Ripley and practice Trick and their little girl Marita (not Shannon Down related though, but still like to mention her)

Joanne will probably be joining George and Michelle on Sunday with her crew.

And Marketa is going ASFA coursing (in Colorado I believe) with MiMi. Her first time running after her toe surgery a year ago, so hopefully she has no troubles!

Hopefully we'll have some nice results to post this weekend!