Monday, March 31, 2008


While mom was getting stuff ready for taxes we figured up our dog stuff, this is ONLY for what Shannon Down has traveled, not counting the other owners of Shannon Down dogs (our dear friends)...

The year of 2007

Miles traveled :: 22, 000+
Dog events attended :: 72
New friends and memories... priceless


Looking back on March...

Here is our monthly tally of what the Shannon Down Whippets did in March!

March 1 - Blaine wins RWD & Leo wins his Open Stake at the ASFA Trial

March 2 - Blaine wins RWD & Leo wins his Open Stake at the ASFA Trial, giving him 4 1st placements and 82 points towards his ASFA FCh.

March 6 -Dido wins WB/BOW for 1 point

March 7 - Dido places 2nd in a big Open bitch class

March 8 - Dido places 2nd in a big Open bitch class. Cuda placed 4th in Field Champions & Rupert placed 5th in Field Champions at the AKC Trial

March 9 - Dido wins RWB. Tigger placed 2nd in the Open stake for 3 points, Choo Choo places 5th in the Open stake his first time running, Rupert placed 1st in Field Champion for 3 LCX points & GiGi placed 3rd in Field Champions

March 13 - Dido wins WB for a 3 point major

March 14 - Dido wins WB/BOW for her 3rd 3 point major, now she only needs 2 singles to finish

March 15 - Leo attends his first CWA meet and wins the meet for 3 ARX/3 NARX points and wins the conformation match that afternoon

March 16 - Leo wins the CWA meet again for 3 ARX/3 NARX points. Marseille placed 3rd in the Open stake at the AKC trial for her first 2 points, Trick placed 4th in the Open stake. Sydney ran at a different AKC trial and placed 2nd for her first 3 points

March 21 - Tigger placed 2nd in the Open stake for 3 points, Rupert placed 2nd in the Field Champion stake & Bosley placed 3rd in the Field Champion stake

March 22 - Anna wins the Open stake for a 5 point major, she now only needs 2 singles to finish her FC, Tigger placed 2nd in his Open stake for 3 points and Rupert placed 2nd in the Field Champion stake

March 23 - Tigger won the Open stake for his second 5 point major to complete his FC title! Blaine placed 2nd in his Open stake for his first 3 points, his first time running.

March 28 - Rupert attended his first UKC show and was awarded Best Male, Best of Winners and then Best of Breed over the Champion and Grand Champion. He then went on to Sighthound Group 1!

What a great month!!! If you would like to see where each of them ran or showed - you can see their results (locations, dates, etc.) on our News page on the website.

And they completed a few titles this month as well!!!

Bosley - new MC
Quincy - new SC
Choo Choo - new JC
Blaine - new JC
Tigger - new FC

We are so proud of the kids!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

KY Coursing results from today (Sunday)

Great news!!! Tigger is now a new Field Champion!!! He is now, WRA Meet & Multiple NOTRA Meet Winning, FC Windyglen Tiggers Have Springs SC, WRCh, ORC! Today he won his Open Stake of 15 for a 5 point major! Little boy Blaine (Leigh x Flynn) owned by Sharron ran his first trial today and he placed 2nd in his stake for his first 3 points!!! WOW!!! We are so proud of the kids this weekend.

Here is the weekend tally...

Tigger finished his FC and picked up a total of 11 points and a major
Anna won a 5 point major and now needs 2 singles to finish her FC
Blaine completed his JC and ran for the first time, racking up 3 points!

And that's just the dogs that got points!!! We are so proud of Rupert, Bosley & GiGi too who ran their hearts out this weekend. Miss Dido came home as well and we are so happy to have her home! Barb said she sure was going to miss her, but we just had to have our Little Diddle back :)


Coursing results from KY - Saturday

I missed posting yesterday - BUT great news!!! Anna won the Open A Stake for a 5 point major!!! Now she only needs 2 points, but she won't be running today because she smacked her toe running in the Best of Breed run yesterday and her toe is bothering her :(

Tigger was 2nd in his Open B stake, for 3 points - but still needs that 1st place and major!!!! So close each time...

Blaine completed his JC title yesterday as well and will be running in Open today!! Yeah little Blaine!

Will post how the kids do today!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kentucky AKC Coursing results from Friday...

In Open - there were 22 dogs and Tigger finished in 2nd place! He ONLY needs a major, so a first place is needed now. In Field Champions - there were 7 dogs, Rupert came in with a close 2nd and Bosley was 3rd. Blaine from our Leigh x Flynn litter and owned by our friend Sharron, ran the whole course for the first leg of his JC!!!! More later on how the trial goes today :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quizzie is...


After a few palpations I am positive she is pregnant!! I am working on constructing her whelping box now and it should be totally done in a few days. She is feeling really tired right now, has the prenancy 'blahs' - but other than that she is doing great. I'm so excited about having Crestie babies in a few weeks - she is due around April 24th or sometime after that. With her series of breedings - she could be due anytime that week! I am staying home from the Whippet Nationals to whelp her pups and won't be leaving her side at all :)


What an awesome weekend!!!

It was a great weekend for Shannon Down, and we didn't even leave the house! On top of Dido's back to back majors... Glenda took Leo, Frenchie and Brom racing for the very first time down in TX. After some practice, they all ventured into racing (CWA), Frenchie was pulled after a dog ran her off the track and was DQ'd as Glenda didn't want her getting more scared. Brom ran as a puppy, the only one - but he did great! Leo ran and WON the CWA meet (14 dogs) for 3 ARX and 3 NARX points!!! Then he went on to win the conformation match afterwards under Mr. Dwight Caffee. The next day, Brom was moved up into adults so he could run with some dogs and he did great, him and Frenchie ran with no problems. Leo, again, won the meet running undefeated all day, for another 3 ARX and 3 NARX points! WOW! Then Joanne, George & Michelle all went AKC coursing up in VA. Not sure what happened on Saturday - but on Sunday, little Marseille placed 3rd for her very first 2 points!!! Trick was 4th right behind her! Then to top it off - I got an email Sunday night that Beth went AKC coursing down in LA with Sydney - it was Sydney's first weekend coursing (AKC) and she placed 5th on Saturday in a stake of 19, and then she was 2nd on Sunday for 3 points!!! What an awesome weekend - we are so proud of Dido, Leo, Marseille, Sydney, Trick and even little Brom and Frenchie for running their hearts out!

Couldn't ask for anymore than that!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Dido does it again!

Dido was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her third major at the York, PA shows under her favorite judge, Mr. Jim White. We are so proud of little Diddle! Only 2 points away :)


Thursday, March 13, 2008

More homemade dog bisquits!

Okay, they are in the oven now and I think they will turn out AWESOME. They smelled much better than the Peanut Butter Garlic Crunch bisquits :) Smelled just like pumpkin pie, the recipie is below, they are still in the oven so don't know what the dogs will think of them yet :)

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Dog Bisquits

3/4 cup of hot water
1/3 cup of butter
1 tsp of veggie oil
1 egg
1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of cinnamon
2 big tblsp of pumpkin (100% pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling)
1 tsp of brown sugar
3 cups of flour (or as much as needed for doughy consistensy)

Pour hot water over butter and veggie oil, stir in egg, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon & pumpkin. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time until you have a somewhat doughy consistensy. Pull out of pull and knead, adding flour until it's the right consistensy. Pat and roll out to about 1/2 inch thick, cut (any shape you like, I use a dog bone cookie cutter) and bake at 325 degrees for about an hour.

I can't wait until they come out and cool and test them out on the dogs :)


Little Diddle was Winners Bitch in Pennsylvania!!

Dido's at the Pennsylvania shows (Thursday - Sunday) with our good friend and her handler Barbara Wayne, and we just got news that she was Winners Bitch today for her second major!!!! We are SOOOO happy, judge today was Mr. Harry Smith. She now has 2 majors and 10 points now, we feel great now that her majors are out of the way. Yeah, Little Diddle!!!!!

Homemade dog biscuits

Well, I was really bored the other night and not ready for bed, so I thought I would try putting together a batch of homemade dog bisquits (though I had a huge 20 pound bag of them sitting in the other room!). I found a recipe online, but then added a few things of my own - crunchy peanut butter and chopped garlic and some molasses. I call them Peanut Butter Garlic Crunch Bisquits, or PBGC for short - LOL :) The dogs LOVE them, I think mostly because they are smelly from the garlic. I really enjoyed making them so I am going to experiment with a few different recipies and come up with some new treats for them! Here is the PBGC recipie...

3/4 cup hot water
1/3 cup butter
1 tsp of veggie oil
1 tsp of salt
1 egg
1 tsp molasses
2 tblsp of crunch peanut butter
1/2 tsp of chopped garlic
3 cups of flour (or until a good doughy consistensy)

Pour hot water over the butter and veggie oil, stil in salt, egg, molasses, garlic & peanut butter. Once it's all blended for the most part, add the flour 1/2 cup at a time. Add flour until it's a good doughy consistensy, not to sticky to handle. Once this is done - spread some flour out on the counter and knead the dough, add flour as needed. Once it's kneaded well, pat out and roll (I just patted it out, no rolling pin needed) to about 1/2 inch thick. Cut (I used a dog bone cookie cutter I had) and bake at 325 degrees for about 60 minutes or until dry. Cool and they should be nice and cruncy and when you break them in half they should be hard and flakey.

The dogs LOVE them, I use the store bought ones for their lunch and bedtime snack (I give them all a bisquit at lunch time and before bed) and the ones I baked for special treats :)

I am going to try and experiment with some pumpkin, brown sugar and honey and see how those turn out and how the dogs like them - I will post after I have tried it and let you all know how they came along and if they are worth trying or not :)

Bisquits all around!


Petals and Murphy

Petals is back here at Shannon Down waiting for the right home to come along for her. She is just a beautiful girl and I hope we can get some show training on her and find a great show home as she is just gorgeous. She is the sister of Frenchie, Leo and Marseille that have all been mentioned here on the blog. She's been with Kiesha Crawmer, but Kiesha is focusing on her Italian Greyhounds right now so we are going to wait for a great home to come along for Petals. We took some pics of her the other day and here are two that we took...

Get a load of those eyes!!! They are just heartmelting... she's settled into our routine and gets along great with the other dogs so she's doing great!

As for Murphy, he will be the newest member of Shannon Down pretty soon! He'll come to live with us permanently in a few weeks. He's coming to retire here at Shannon Down, he might get out a few times to course or race, just to keep him fit and young :) We LOVE Murphy and we are so happy he's coming to live with us! He's the daddy to our Bosley & Gali and some of the others that we mention and that are on our website - Zoom, Joker & Joanne Ronning's awesome Aren!


New Years Updates - All moved in...

I got distracted from the blog due to our moving! But we are all moved in now and the dogs are loving the new place. They spent the first few days doing Whippet zoomies around the yard and they have their own room now were they can sleep at night and they all LOVE their room, surprisingly. I thought they would hate it because the ones that sleep in crates at night would be sleeping away from their humans, but they love it! We are still working on things such as hanging photos and stuff but we are settled for the most part. Going to be doing some construction work in the next few months, we are going to replace the back porch, going to make a nice big deck where we can sit out and enjoy watching the dogs play and have a BBQ :) We also have a building out back that we are going to convert to a small kennel eventually. Well, about 2 days after moving in, my Crested girl came in season and I shipped her off to Conneticut for her rendevoux with BB King (if I did not post before, Belle - my Basenji girl - didn't catch from her breeding, so no Basenji pups). We got 5 (FIVE, hussy) breedings on her and I should be able to palpate her sometime this weekend or this coming week to see if she is pregnant. Pictures of the 'hopefully' proud parents to be ...

Quizzie had just finished her Championship with her 3rd major, at the Atlanta, GA shows. So she's gotten all but 2 points at the Atlanta, GA shows :) If she's pregnant, she is due to whelp during the Whippet National, so I will not be going as planned :( I'll stay home with her and mom will go with Rupert and Helen to the National. I'm incredibly excited about Crestied pups though! Going to be building her a new whelping box this or next weekend.

Well, I can't remember EVERYTHING that has happened since I last posted, but Tigger has picked up a 5 point major and 3 points towards his AKC FC, so he now has 11 points and a major, just needs 4 points and a major towards his FC. Anna also picked up a 5 point major and has 8 points and a major towards her FC. Choo Choo got his JC this past weekend and has started lure coursing, his first trial last weekend placing 5th out of 22 dogs! Quincy finished his SC and is running great after some bad puppy stuff he was doing a few months ago. Bosley finished his MC as well! Lester has gone to his new home with Dawn Hill and is renamed Spencer, he'll get to do coursing and showing and we're so excited about him! Big news on Brom - he's picked up a few AKC show points and MANY UKC show points. I think he has 95 points towards his UKC Championship and only needs 5 for it! I believe he has 2 AKC show points as well, so he's doing so good - we are incredibly proud of him!! Frenchie has also recently picked up a fresh AKC show point, and Leo is just waiting for major shows to come along as he is singled out. Anna picked up a major the beginning of this year and only needs one more major for her AKC Ch.! Oh - almost forgot, Joker also picked up a 5 point major towards his AKC FC so I think he has 12 points and a major towards his FC. Dido is out on the show circuit with our good friend and owner of her grand pappy "Blaze", Barbara Wayne. She picked up a point last weekend and now she's in PA where I think there are majors for 4 days. So hopefully she'll pick up one, she's coming back home after this weekend. It's the first time we've been without our "Little Diddle" and we miss her as does her brother Rupert. Blaine also picked up 3 RWD since he's been shown I believe, he's so close but he'll get there - he's doing great and learning the ropes and learning to deal with being away from 'mom'. We're proud of him and hopefully he'll get to play with the bunny next weekend! I think I covered everything from this year so far, and will try and keep updated now that we are all moved in and settled :)

Cheers, from the Shannon Down crew...