Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Imagene's show picture!

We got this the other day and just getting around to posting it - Imagene's first win picture!!! Handled by our good friend Barbara Wayne who is also the owner of her great grandfather Blaze.

More videos!

"Apoll - 3 months"

"Hot Dog Bobbin"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wallace update

Wallace is doing wonderful in his new home and I have some pictures to share! He was just neutered and is healing up from that but doing great otherwise!

Dido's belly is growing!

Well, here is Dido - taken this morning. She is just a little over 4 weeks from her first breeding...

And here is what Rupert thinks of his sister's current situation... (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


There will be more later, but this is what I have so far... click on the links and enjoy!

"The Shannon Down Family"


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some cute pics

Some cute pics we took earlier this week... enjoy! You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Charlize, Leigh, Lola, Sweet Pea & Gali GiGi
GiGi, "I love my mommy"

Bosley in his favorite spot under the recliner sofa

Helen, Lola & Leigh

Daddy Rupert and daughter Helen

Rupert, Helen, Leigh & Lola Bosley, "Yeah, I'm comfortable"

Rupert, Helen & Leigh

Helen & Grandma Leigh with the bumble bee

Helen, "Do you like my nose?" Charlize, Leigh, Rupert, GiGi, Lola & Gali
Helen & Aunt Scarlet

Vulture Village

Okay, it has OFFICIALLY turned into Vulture Village around here, I haven't posted about this here before but we have vultures, and lots of them. They roost in our trees and in the neighbors trees and I often see them in the yard (INSIDE the fence out back) in the morning before I let dogs out. So now that you were quickly caught up, here are some recent events.

It was Friday evening and I was home by myself, mom and my little brother Stuart were lure coursing so they were gone and my father had left for work and I was washing dishes and looked out the window to see 10 vultures standing in the yard out back, about 20 feet from the house. It freaked me out needless to say. Yes, they had been that close to the house... in fact they had been closer before - but I had NEVER seen them in the yard that late. Up until then I had only seen them in the yard early in the morning before I let dogs out. Well, now they officially turned it into a game with the dogs. I got up at 6 this morning to let Isaac, Anna, Helen, Francois, Tinsley & Delite out and walked out into the kitchen first for a glass of water and looked out to see one vulture standing near the porch. I went to grab the camera that was sitting in the living room when I heard another vulture up on the room walking around over the kitchen. That was normal, I have heard them up there before (will include another story when I am done with this one about vultures on the roof.) so I grabbed the camera and took a picture through the kitchen window except the flash was on and the picture turned out to be one big white blob and the vulture flew off when he saw the flash go off. His buddy on the roof joined him. So I went to let the dogs out and went back to lay down with my bed dogs and got back up this morning and let them in while we let our bed dogs outside. No vultures to be seen then and then I let Belle (my Basenji), Quizzie & Apoll (my Cresteds) out and went back in my room as mom was up. Apoll uses the stair already even at her tiny size and only goes down to potty and then stays on the porch where Quizzie stands over her the WHOLE time (She's still very attached to her baby). Mom called me out and told me to look outside - there were about 15 vultures out back on the other side of the fence. Belle was out exploring like she always does and could care less about them. She was actually up against the fence just a few feet away from them. I had thrown two toys over the fence 2 days ago when I was picking up the yard so that we could mow and the vultures were picking at them and trying to pick them up, very curious birds. So I snapped a few pics and brought them back inside and let Balto out. Balto could care less about the vultures and never acknowledged them :)

The vultures out back, you can sort of see Belle walking around by the fence, there is also a vulture on top of our building on the very edge of the left side.

When he was done I let the rest of the Whippies out and the bird had mostly all flown up into the neighbors trees by then but some where still hanging out on our shed out back. It's a little after 10 here and the vultures are making it a game to annoy the Whippets now, they are flying from the neighbors trees to our trees and the Whippets are running in circles out there :) There were three that even remained out back behind the fence and stood there while the Whippets barked at them (and there are 10 Whippets out there, they never moved.) Thank god for our hot wire we put up, so the Whippets don't even touch the fence. So the birds are still flying around out there making the Whippets nuts - hey, it's tiring the out and they seem to be enjoying themselves. Good way to keep them fit I guess! If vultures could laugh, I swear the would be giggling out there with all these Whippets running around after them :)

Here are the vultures on our shed out back - part of the tin roof peeled back when we had some nasty weather a few weeks back.

Now for another story - 'Vultures on the roof'

Mom and I were standing in the kitchen, maybe about 2 weeks or so ago and we were talking when we heard something run across the roof. Well, Stuart was the only other one home and yes, he has been known to be on the roof before. He's a wild 13 year old boy and I have had to yell at him before to get off the roof. So mom and I went out front and started to yell at him to come down, nothing. Mom went back in the house and I walked about the house, still yelling at Stuart to get down. I figured he was hiding up there or had hopped off when I couldn't see him so I went back in and mom and I were talking again in the kitchen when Stuart walks out of the bathroom!!! Poor Stuart, we looked over at him and then mom and I looked at one another and Stuart was like, "What?" We told him we thought he was on the roof, he was actually in the bathroom taking a shower. The thing we heard run across the roof was very loud and I have heard Stuart on the roof before and sounded like a person, very heavy foot steps. It couldn't have been another person because the only was up and down off the roof without a ladder is in the backyard, and even then you still need some sort of ladder - but we had dogs out and they would have NEVER let anyone they didn't know come into the backyard. So it must have been a vulture, that must have been one BIG vulture to sound like a person on the roof. I had seen them on the roof before in the morning, but this was shortly after noon or so and didn't expect to have a vulture on the roof then! Needless to say we were freaked out at first as I never thought a vulture could sound that heavy on the roof.

So, I have no dubbed this place "VULTURE VILLAGE" for obvious reason. I'm not afraid for the dogs anymore as the birds could care less, they seem very fat and happy :) But I will be keeping a very close eye on our puppies this fall when we have them. They won't be unsupervised for quite some time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story of Vulture Village! There will probably be several more in the future.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pool Party Pics!

Not us :( But our friends Katy and Jen took their girls Tower and Ravin (from the Winnie x Bosley litter) to their flyball teams pool party over the July 4th weekend! The pics of Ravin swimming are from a later date but here are the girls enjoying the pool ;)



Monday, July 21, 2008

Dave pics...

Dave and the love of his life, Emily. They even have the same hair color! He is VERY happy with his new family as you can tell :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dido is...

PREGNANT!!! We palpated her tonight and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. I felt 3 which means we will have ATLEAST 3, we palpated Leigh last time and felt 3 and she ended up having 9! We took some new pics of Dido tonight which I will post tomorrow along with some other news and pictures - but it's getting late and we have some very tired dogs ready for bed. Mom got home from her NY lure coursing trip at 3 this afternoon and the dogs she took are pooped - so watch for more news and pics tomorrow and I am going to hit the hay.


Friday, July 18, 2008


For GIGI!!!! Yeah - GiGi took Best of Breed from Field Champions today up in New York and ran off for Best in Field and won it! She can now add - Multiple Best In Field Winner - to the front of her name :)

Quincy also placed 4th in a large Open Stake of 18 dogs!

Yeah for the kids :)

The Sighthound Definition

Wonderfully written by Glenda Konopka - Annadar Whippets

With the exception of “sighthounds,” every and all other breeds of dog used by mankind for hunting game (I’m not talking about verminators [Welsh Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, etc.] that kill pests like rats, mice, moles, etc.) is an “assistant” to the human hunter: retrievers bring back what the hunter shoots out of the air; spaniels, setters, and pointers find game by smell and “point out” the game so the hunter can either flush it himself or let the dog do that so he can shoot it; “scent” hounds (Bloodhounds, Bassets, Treeing Walkers, Foxhounds, Beagles, etc.) chase by scent and either run the game to ground, chase it up a tree, or otherwise ‘corner’ the prey so the human can kill it (whether or not he uses a “ground” dog to get whatever it is out of its hole in the ground). None of these breeds of dog are expected to kill the quarry as a true and important part of their job assisting humans to hunt. They work (mostly) under direct human instruction (a/k/a Field Trials, Earth Dogs, Coonhound competitions, etc.) and don’t kill the prey, the human kills it with a bow, gun, or other weapon. The human picks up the prey and off they go back home to cook.

On the other hand, Sighthounds are expected to work independently (I understand the Scottish Deerhound walking with its master to look for prey, whippets for rabbits, etc.) of their human in the hunt. They (hopefully) find and flush the game on their own (using all senses), chase it down well out of reach and control of the human “hunter,” and (what distinguishes them the most) they make the kill, not the human. Hunting with a Sighthound generally doesn’t involve the hunter killing anything or even carrying a weapon unless it’s to dispatch fatally wounded game. I had an Irish Wolfhound owner add that the sighthounds are also magnanimous enough to share “their” kill with the human they choose to work with, not for, like other breeds. Sighthounds are the ONLY breeds we humans expect to do ALL the hunting work – find it, chase it, hold it, kill it, bring it back or wait for help. No other breeds that I know of carry this kind of responsibility. I think it’s why they have such different personalities and behaviors and are considered “aloof” – they are actually independent, not uncaring. They love us enough to share “their” kills with us as we become the leader of their pack in our homes. It’s why there is always a little bit of the “wild” in any Sighthound worth its salt and why they work “with” us and not “for” us; it’s a partnership, not a Master-Slave relationship, at least the way I see it.

I think this will/should better help new Whippet owners, and even long time Whippet owners that don't participate in any sports with their Whippets, better understand their Whippets and their personalities and why they are so different then most other breeds of dogs. Thanks Glenda for this wonderfully written piece.

Helen's new title!

Helen got her JC title this morning in NY. She isn't competing today but will hopefully be running tomorrow! The trial hasn't ended yet, but as soon as I get results I will be posting them ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They killed Mickey Mouse!

Poor Mickey! Dave has settled into his new home quiet well with his new Boston Terrier friends and apparently loves chomping on their heads - LOL As you can tell by the stuffing all around - he is surely a typical Whippet! But, I don't think Mickey deserved it!

Christian has left...

Christian (from our Rupert x Fiona litter) left with his new owners on Saturday. He's doing great and fitting in with his Greyhound pals - we hope to have lots of pictures and updates to post on him here :) Here is a picture we took of Christian right before he left.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 6th birthday!

Today we celebrated the 6th birthday of our 2002 Sweet Pea x Blaze kids!!! The kids that are here enjoyed chicken feet for lunch!

Day 1 of their life!








"Blaze Jr"