Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black Mail (or White Mail?)

Ha ha! This is Sterling (another Lyons family member) who fell asleep with Byelobog on the couch. Byelo was quite happy in his little cozy spot!

Anna - CLEARLY pregnant

WOW - she blew up over night and she has 4 more weeks to go! Looks like we're in trouble :)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Video #4

Quincy in #3 - he barks the WHOLE way down the track

Video #3

Striker in #1 - Tinsley in #2

Video #2

Video #1

Lots of weekend news!

We had an awesome weekend, so much fun and great weather - awesome running dogs and huge meets!

Saturday we started out with 50 dogs! The Shannon Down kids placements...

7th - Raku
11th - Striker
14th - Tinsley
18th - Viva - new OTRM-2
19th - Winnie
23rd - GiGi
24th - Charlize (story for her just below these results)
26th - Rupert
32nd - Gali
33rd - Delite - new OTR
37th - Murphy, still running at 9.5 years old!

Okay - so the story on Charlize is she was my girl that got loose at the Kansas Nationals. We got her back safely but it left her with some emotional damage. I've tried to get her coursing, but she runs about half way and then realizes she is alone and comes back to me. We took her this weekend just because I was going (and she is MY girl) and wanted to see if she would show any interest. We needed to put her in to have a 50 dog meet so I did a practice run with her (hand slipping) and let her run with Rupert and she took off like a bullet chasing the bunny. The loud screeching sound of the rail never bothered her. So for her first run, since she hadn't been in a box, I held her inside the box and let go of her when the front opened. That worked great for her, she took off as soon as it opened. The second run we did the same, the third run we closed her in the box and off she went when the door opened!!!! She gained 10 points towards her OTR title, a dog I thought I would never get a title on. She was also high FTE (first time entered) out of the Top 10!!! She ran 24th out of 50 dogs and I couldn't be happier with her! On Sunday she ran all 3 programs out of a closed box and earned another 10 points towards her OTR (needs 5 more) and she had the time of her life. She was so happy when she finished each run and I was beyond proud of her! My baby "Jelly Bean" who was born a singleton out of my girl Scarlet, on my 18th birthda - she is special to me and I was so happy to see her out there, running and having a blast!

Okay - Sunday placements for the Shannon Down crew
42 dog meet

6th - Viva - earning 3 ORC points, needs ONE more to finish her ORC title!
9th - Striker - earning 0.33 ORC points (1 point split 3 ways with 2 other dogs)
12th - Raku
15th - GiGi
20th - Helen
21st - Rupert
25th - Torin - finishing his OTRM-3 and still running strong at 7 years old!
29th - Quincy - new OTR
30th - Gali
32nd - Charlize

Also, as the WRA trials in Camden, SC - Bosley and Cuda were being run by our friend Wanda Bright and George and Michelle also took Ripley & Trick!

On Saturday (22 dogs)
5th - Bosley - earning 0.5 WRCh points
8th - Cuda
14th - Ripley
18th - Trick

On Sunday (20 dogs)
5th - Bosley - earning another 0.5 WRCh points (needs 0.66 points to finish!!!!!!!)
8th - Cuda
13th - Ripley
15th - Trick - new CR

We also heard from Sharron on Saturday - Blaine was showing at a match, I believe he won the Hound Group with a lot of competition there! I am waiting to get details on it all and will post when I have them :)

What a great weekend, tons of fun and lots of new titles and points towards Championships! We also picked up our little Byelobog on Friday evening. He's been awesome! Was totally clean when he arrived, played all day Sat and Sun with the pups (and had a blast!) and slept in bed with me last night and was perfect! He's adorable!

We also got some videos of the kids which I will put in anothe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekend plans & SURPRISE

Mom and I are headed out for Jacksonville, FL racing today (though it's only 1 in the morning) We'll be leaving in the afternoon, taking the Leigh pups and the two remaining Basenji pups with us on their first road trip! And, we are excited to be headed down to pick up our new race puppy at about 5:30pm :) He is QuiXand Intentionally Left Blank and we will be calling him Byelobog (Bell-Oh-Bog) which is the Slavic meaning for "White God" which I think fits him well seeing how he is solid white! He is pictured below at 10 weeks. His father is the awesome RalphEdwards - Oberon Truth Or Consequences RCh, ORC and his mother is QuiXand Fallen Angel RCh, SORC. Thank you so much Sue Heiniger (QuiXand) for this awesome white boy - we can't wait to see him and see how he grows and get him ready for his bunny debut!

We'll be NOTRA racing in Jacksonville this weekend, taking a bunch of the kids so we should have a great time!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday news - health testing

Nothing awesome to report from the show today (in SC or TX) but we did have a few dogs health tested. Anna, Lola and Rupert were all CERF'd (eyes) and were normal - Anna and Lola were also OFA Cardiac tested and had clear hearts! Rupert was just Echo'd last year so we did not have his heart done again just yet. Even though there was no news to share from the shows today - I think the health testing results are better!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's results

We went to the Greenville, SC show today and had a pretty nice day. We showed 4 dogs - Isaac, Lola, Anna and Rupert. Isaac was 2nd in BBE dogs, Lola was 2nd in BBE bitches and Anna was 2nd in a very large Open class and was Reserve to the 4 point major (SO close - would have finished her DC) Rupert was BOS over 2 other male specials - we decided to get a picture done since we had the podium available so I really hope the picture turns out nice - we haven't gotten a show picture of him since he finished since he's been concentrating on coursing.

Landis (Dido x Quincy) and Falco (Leigh x Hudson) left for their new homes from the show. Falco will be living in SC with Shannon Owen and her family and Landis will be living in Georgia with his new owner Jessica Hoefer. They had safe trips home and are settling in now - sad to see them leave though but it's good for them to get into their new homes and start fitting in.

Also we got awesome news on our way home from the show - Blaine finished his NAJ title with another first placement! He is Shannon Down's first agility titled dog and is now Shannon Down Mind Control SC, FCh, CGC, NAJ and is pointed towards his AKC Field and Show Championship!

Going back to the show tomorrow - but not entered on Sunday. Dido has her first show with Suzanne in CA on Sunday and I believe Debi is also showing Porter somewhere on Sunday as well! Dido needs 2 singles to finish, Porter needs 1!!! I think Glenda is showing in TX this weekend too - so fingers crossed!!!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Website updates

LOTS of updates on the website - go to and click on Website Updates on the home page to see where all the new updates are :)


Elle - another CWC!!!

Elle was shown in Rzeszow, Poland yesterday and won the Open class and was awarded another CWC title towards his Polish Championship - one more to go! Here is a picture I got of him today!

Puppy Party

We had a fabulous time at our puppy party yesterday and we hope everyone else had fun. Sacha left for her new home with Janet Phillips and her aunt Star. Sacha is the puppy in the picture with me. We can't wait to do it again!!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is a new picture we received of Elle the other day - he has another show in Poland this weekend on Sunday and we can't wait to hear how he does!!!!


I received this awesome collage of Ripper from the Raku x Bosley litter from his owner Linda Brenton in Canada. He looks SOOOO much like daddy Bosley it's scary!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dido at 'Paragon Whippets'

Dido left yesterday morning to join her new temporary family at Paragon Whippets - we received a few pictures this afternoon and this is my favorite by far. This will be Dido's future husband, Ethan :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

NOTRA News from Sunday!!!!

Another awesome day today!

Viva placed 3rd in a 37 dog meet and got the top 4 ORC points - she now has a grand total of 11!!!! Striker (Bosely x Winnie - owned by Dee Evans) placed 5th and got the 2nd set of 2 ORC points, his very first ORC points and only his 3rd NOTRA meet! The rest of the kids did awesome as well and placed....

7 - Cuda
8 - Bosley
9 - Winnie
10 - Tinsley
12 - Raku
14 - GiGi
18 - Rupert
27 - Torin
28 - Delite

Striker & Tinsley also both finished their OTR titles!

Yeah kids!!!! Mom is on her way home and everyone will get a nice big dinner and Brookie will get some extra special treatment. He was scratched after he pulled up in one of his races and ambled to the finish. Mom found that he has probably pulled his grucilus muscle in his rear leg - my poor little man. So he'll get a lot of personal attention for quite some time.


NOTRA News from Saturday!!!

We had an awesome day of racing yesterday!!!!!! Raku placed 4th in a 40 dog meet and got 5 ORC points to complete her Oval Race Championship! She is now Wheatland Raku ORC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also more great news - GiGi placed 7th and got 3 ORC points and Viva placed 9th and got 1 ORC point! Bosley also placed 8th and Cuda finished 10th! How awesome - 5 dogs in the Top 10 out of 40 dogs! The other kids ran well too - Winnie placed 12th, Gali placed 22nd, Rupert placed 23rd, Brooks placed 26th, Striker placed 29th, Tinsley placed 30th & Delite placed 31st!

It was an awesome day down in Jacksonville, FL and I wish I could have been there to see the kids do so well - crossing our fingers that we do half as well as yesterday and that everyone runs safe!!!