Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some recent news

Oh - I also much mention some recent news. Ralph (Leigh x Hudson) went to his 2nd and 3rd shows a few weeks ago and on Saturday he picked up his first point and on Sunday he won his first 3 point major!!! He's the first to be pointed from this litter. His sister Widget also earned her JC title last weekend. Caleb (Quincy x Dido) QC'd last weekend and ran in the AKC trial on Saturday (the only day we went) and he placed 2nd in the Open Stake of 21 for his first 3 AKC FC points! His brother Liam placed 4th - he's already pointed towards his AKC FC. Striker (Winnie x Bosley) also went to the AKC trial last weekend on Sunday and placed 3rd in the Open Stake for 2 points towards his AKC FC. Since mom has been home from Arizona (she was out there working) we have gone to a few NOTRA meets down in FL where Byelo has picked up a total of 9 ORC points and 1 NORC point! Tinsley also picked up 4 ORC points by placing 4th in a 51 dog meet down in FL!!! We also leased Raku's sister Kuruma who ran her first Jax, FL NOTRA meet and split the bottom point, ending up with 0.2 ORC points :) Last weekend Striker's sister Layla and Mya ran at an ASFA trial where Layla won the FCh Stake and was BOB on Sunday and Mya placed 4th in the FCh Stake. Claire (Rupert x Anna) went to her first UKC Show last weekend where she was Best Female and went on to Best of Breed and Group 4!!! There's more news to share but that's what I can think of right now - check out the news page on our website for all the news from this year :)

Wow - it's been awhile

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated anything on here. Sorry about that :( To much to update since my last post so we'll catch up on some recent stuff. In the last few weeks some of our dogs have gone to new homes. We had a litter out of Anna x Tigger and all of them have moved to their new homes as of this month, we also had the Winnie x Tigger litter that is about the same age. One of them has gone to live with our friend Dee Evans that also owns Winnie's son from her first litter (Striker) and Imagene from the Fiona x Rupert litter. Demetri is staying here with us and Makenna and Ludovic have arrived to their new homes in Holland as of today! Van (Flynn x Leigh) who had come back to us finally found the perfect home and is living in Georgia and will probably get to do some lure coursing with his new family (he's already AKC FC pointed). Caleb (Dido x Quincy) is also on his way to his new home and will get to meet his new owners tomorrow. He also is pointed towards his AKC FC as of last Saturday at his very first (and so far only) AKC lure coursing trial. They'll continue to do some performance stuff with him. Alexa (Dido x Quincy) we also found a great home for but it will be a little bit before she moves down to TX. So now we just have Benjamin and Embry left from our Winnie x Tigger litter and Benjamin may have a home he'll eventually go too. Everyone is doing wonderful - we currently have 2 new litters, an accidental litter out of Helen x Rupert and they are 4 weeks old and WONDERFUL. 5 babies (4 girls and 1 boy), they moved out into the dining room yesterday and are doing great. Not even scared of the vaccum cleaner - LOL Charlize had her first litter by Brooks which I am very excited about. She had a litter of 8 (6 boys and 2 girl) that are 2 weeks old today. Their eyes are starting to open up and they'll be eating mush in another week, Charlize and Helen have been excellent mothers!

And a little bad news - GiGi broke her leg (humerus bone) a few weeks ago, had to place 3 pins in her leg and we had some rough patches but as of today everything looks good. 2 pins have been removed since they started to back out but the other pin is holding things in place and x-rays showed today that the bone is healing! She's feeling much better, much less pain than in the past 2 weeks so things are looking up. She's being a strong little girl and taking things awfully well considering all she's been through. She won't race or course again but her daugthers Skadoosh and Mumble can take her place on the race track and coursing field in the future when they are ready.

Updates to come, I promise to keep up with the blog this time :)