Monday, April 12, 2010

Rabbit pics!

Thought you all might enjoy some cute rabbit pictures :)

Spring time at Shannon Down

Well move has traveled back to Arizona for another contract nursing job for the next 9 weeks so our Whippet activities will be minimal. Byelobog went with her and may hit a race or two while he is there but went more or less for company since she can't be without a Whippet :) On her way there (she drove) she took Alexa to her new home with Marco in Texas. She's settled in wonderfully and I'm sure there will be updates to come on her. Alexa's sister Fergie came back home for a while while her owner is going through a tough time with her mother. So Fergie is visiting probably for a couple of months at least and she's been wonderful. The dogs excepted her into the house like she's always been here. She's a goofy little girl that LOVES attention, she's always got to be with someone - she's been playing a lot with her brother Liam.

The National is coming up, mom will be stopping in to visit friends and check out the events since it's being held in AZ. We do not have any of our own dogs entered but there will be a few Shannon Down dogs there with their owners. Maybe we'll have some results to post when the time comes, hoping someone can get some pictures :)

The Charlize x Brooks and Helen x Rupert babies are growing fast. I can't believe how big they have gotten, seems like yesterday they were born. The weather has been GORGEOUS so they are spending a lot of time outside playing and sunning themselves.

Hoping I can get on here often enough to just update on what is going on at home and with the babies - but there won't be too much news reports on here unless owners of Shannon Down Whippets attend some events :) Once mom is done with her contract we'll be hitting the show ring, coursing field and race track this summer!

We also have 4 new additions to the Shannon Down family - 4 New Zealand rabbits. We will be switching to raw sometime this year so I will be breeding our own meat rabbits. It will be September before any rabbit babies are born. In addition to meat for our dogs I will also be tanning rabbit pelts and dehydrating rabbit ears to sell and for our own dogs at home - I can't imagine a Whippet that wouldn't love either of those things.

These are my 4 foundation New Zealands. These guys will hopefully live long, healthy, productive lives. The does are 3 sister that were born Feb 12 so they are almost 9 weeks old. The buck was born on Feb 5 and is almost 10 weeks old. They are doing wonderfully and growing quickly. They will probably max out between 10-12 pounds as adults. If I had to guess I would say they are probably around at least 6 pounds now.

The buck - Bialy

The does - Jeneva, Zurina and Vanora