Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, I have made up my mind :)

It's been difficult keeping up with the blog because I basically post everything on the website as far as news goes so it seems pointless to post everything in two places. But I have made up my mind to devote the blog to other things involving the Shannon Down family, stories and events that aren't mentioned (at all or in full) on the website. I'll be writing little stories about what is going on around Shannon Down starting with a several part story called 'Winnie Has The Blues' which will follow her breeding, pregnancy and whelping of her last litter. I will also be posting on my New Zealand meat rabbits, we will soon be making their hutches and I hope to take pictures as they are constructed as well as taking new pics of the rabbits themselves. Our camera is currently in the shop but I have another small digital camera that I can use, though the quality won't be nearly as good.

So for now, if you would like news on what the Shannon Down Whippets have been doing over the weekends at shows, lure coursing trials, race meets, etc., check the News page on the website, if you want more of an inside look into the family of Shannon Down, come to the blog :)

And so we begin with the first part of "Winnie Has The Blues" in the next post!


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