Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winnie has the blues - Part 4

Haven’t updated on Winnie in a while because there hasn’t been to much to tell. They got two natural breedings on her (24th and 26th of June) so now it’s just a waiting game. She’s still with Debbey and her boyfriend Rhythm and I’m sure she is LOVING all of it. She got to go shopping (pictures below) and had a new collar made (previous post) and had some lovely date nights with Rhythm who is a perfect gentleman! We can’t thank Debbey enough for everything and there is a cute photo of Debbey and Winnie included at the bottom of the bost - Debbey with her doggie daughter-in-law Winnie :) Can’t wait to get her home and wait and see if she is pregnant! Enjoy some incredibly cute pictures :)